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SAFRON Food Labelling Consulting LTD. services are backed by an in-depth knowledge of science and legislation. We deliver accurate, compliant, reliable and on-time food labelling services to food producers in Canada, the US, Ukraine and Russia. We have also worked with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency in labelling issues resolution. In addition, our hours are flexible and our prices are competitive and customer service is excellent. Call us for more information… Let us know how we can help you.


Reliable Business

“We had an urgent labelling issue that involved importing ingredients. Quick and detailed technical advice helped us to avoid import delays and fines. SAFRON Consulting is a reliable business partner. Thank you for a great service.”   T. Mc Elhone, President, Quality Products Ltd. 


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First-Rate Service

“We have done a few projects that involved exporting fish products. Each label was inspected by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency – everything was correct. I would recommend SAFRON Consulting to any organization wanting consistently first-rate service.” G. Vedernikov, President, Food Import, USA

Labelling regulations have changed more often in the past few years and their enforcement is becoming stricter in every country. Food-related businesses have to very closely follow regulatory changes to ensure that labels are compliant with the latest requirements.

Many middle and small-sized food production companies and food importers and exporters find labelling food products technically challenging and overwhelming. The solution is to hire a food labelling consultant, a professional who helps food companies resolve labelling issues. The labelling consultant can work with food companies, ensuring that their existing labels meet regulatory requirements, developing new compliant labels and advising how new labelling regulations will affect the company’s business.


“SAFRON Consulting examined our labels thoroughly and gave us a quick, easy-to-understand list of changes.  When we had questions, we received a thoughtful, rapid reply. It has been a pleasure working with SAFRON Consulting.” Todd P., Plant Manager, Black River Cheese Ltd.